Get Real Visitors to Your Blog - 10 Tips For Promoting a Blog

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If you want to get a lot of traffic for your blogs, you have to hit the problem from all sides. This means you can't just post content on your blog and hope that somehow someway, Google will fall in love with your content.

While that does happen, most of the time, it doesn't. You have to be more proactive. Here's just a short list of the things you can do to promote your blogs.

1. Give priority to your subscribers' list - Your subscribers are your real followers. They are the ones who are truly benefited from your posts and so they come back. Email Marketing is still the best marketing practice with the highest CTR.

2. Social Media Marketing - SMM aims to promote any kind of content no matter if it's from a blog or an e-commerce website. You need to select 2–3 platforms according to your niche, where you'll get most of your targeted users. For example I run a marketing blog and I use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote my posts.

3. Repulish your content - Use platforms like Medium and LinkedIn Pulse, and add a link back to the original post. This doesn't hurt SEO. You'll get a chance to promote it to a totally different group of people who might be interested in your content.

4. Answer at Quora- Don't think that Quora is just an answering platform but it's a lot more than that. Answer relevant questions and give a link back to your website, if you've something related to it.

5. Email Outreach - This one is the most difficult task according to me. Find people from your niche who might be interested in your content. You can either use social media for this or tools like Ahrefs. Use Ahrefs to find websites who link back to your competitors and ask them if they can link to you as well. Remember only a few will do it.

6. Backlink Building - This might not directly help you to promote your blog but will help you to rank higher in SERP and hence, will give you more organic traffic. Infographics are trending right now and are the easiest way to gain backlinks.

7. Guest Posting - Find websites that allows guest posting, exclude the ones who are having less than 30 DA. Now create a post related to your niche and get published, this will allow you to engage with new audiences.

8. Blog Commenting - Easiest way to promote a blog. All you need to do is find websites of your niche, pick an article that is related to any of your post and comment with you post's link. Don't be jerk about it and just comment to relevant posts only. NEVER post “spam” comments that exist only to promote your blog. Try to contribute genuinely significant comments.

9. PPC - The most effective way of Promoting a blog. Use paid ads from Google, FB, LinkedIn or whatever platform you prefer.

10. Create a digital product - Create a product that solves your audience’s pain point. It helps you to gain the attention and traction in your niche. Give your digital product as a bonus in other bloggers’ product launches. Another blogger gets more sales, his/her customers gain extra value from your product, and you get extra exposure. Win-win-win!

11. Shamelessly talk about your blog in every offline event you attend - Face-to-face communication leaves the strongest impression. You’re creating world-class content, it’s your responsibility to let more people know about them.

And now the most important point- Create great content. Without quality contents, none of the above tips would work.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading.

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