11 Clever Ways to Increase Your E-commerce Sales on Your Website in 2021

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Whether you're a new business or have been in operation for many decades, getting more e-commerce earnings will benefit your company.

Unfortunately, companies undergo plateaus and declines.

These things happen, but do not get discouraged.

If you are having trouble coming up with new tactics to get more customers and increase revenue, I will provide you with some pointers.

Your previous methods could have worked at a stage, but the exact same old strategies could grow stale.

It is essential your company is continually keeping up with new trends.

Consumer customs have changed, particularly in the e-commerce market.

As a marketing specialist, I have examined these trends and come up with a list of tips which will actually do the job.

Here are 11 clever and easy ways to increase sales on your E-commerce website;

1. Target your Present clients:

When companies have difficulty growing, they instantly think it's because they do not have enough clients.

That is a frequent misconception, and thus don't leap to conclusions.

Rather than focusing all of your effort on client acquisition, you need to enhance your customer retention plan.

Add more items to their shopping carts

Create more revenue every time they visit your website

2. Display icons which show your Website is trustworthy:

Nobody would want to shop on your e-commerce website if it seems sketchy or untrustworthy.

Among the primary things you have to do is to make sure your site is secure.

3. Use video presentations:

Consumers love videos.

In fact, over half of the advertising experts throughout the globe say that video has the best return on investment compared to other advertising tactics.

Websites which have videos can get the normal user to spend 88 percent more time on their webpages.

Additionally, videos do as well as advertisements. That is how the e-commerce brand Robo generated $4.7 million in earnings running video advertisements.

This makes an increase in participation as well as interest in whatever you're trying to sell.

Videos resonate more with people, so it's very likely that they'll remember what they watched instead of simply reading about it.

4. Use photos when you include customer testimonials:

User testimonials and reviews are a terrific way to demonstrate proof of concept.

However, a message from a nameless and faceless person isn't really that convincing.

Require your reviews one step farther.

Add a photo and include the individual's full name.

5. Recognize your clients want to shop out of their cellular devices

Just because you have an e-commerce site doesn't mean you can assume your clients are shopping only from their computers.

The reality is that people use mobile phones and tablet computers to shop online.

Research shows 40% of mobile users have bought something online from their apparatus.

Additionally, 63% of millennials shop on their phones.

These numbers can't be discounted.

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices.

If your website isn't mobile-friendly, it will turn potential sales off.

For those without an optimized mobile site, it could be one of the reasons you are seeing a decline in sales.

Make it a top priority on your to-do list.

Something else you may consider is building a mobile app.

All these reasons make things simpler for the customer.

Enhancing the customer experience will help you get more sales and increase your revenue.

Find a way to focus on what clients want.

If your website, mobile site, and cellular application can provide these advantages, you won't have a problem getting more earnings.

6- Provide more discounts:

It might sound easy, although not enough businesses are offering discounts to their clients.

If you are concerned about your profit margins, then simply use a promotion strategy that is as old as time.

Jack up the bottom cost of every solution and then place it available.

It is simple.

7. Showcase your top-selling items:

Give your customers some leadership.

Show them what folks are buying the most.

I like it when websites incorporate a"best seller" class on the homepage.

Perhaps not everyone browsing your website will know exactly what they're searching for.

If your company sells a wide assortment of different goods, it may be overwhelming, especially to get a new customer.

Whenever someone stumbles upon your website, they can get drawn to products that are popular.

8- Ramp up promotions to the holidays:

Specific events are a time when folks are seeking to store and spend more cash than on a normal day of this year.

That's why I always tell e-commerce sites to actively promote holiday sales.

You've got a little window of opportunity to get huge sales during these occasions.

9. FOMO (fear of missing out)

You've got to make a feeling of urgency when you're selling products on your e-commerce site.

Tell your customers you've got a small number of things remaining even though that's not the case.

Airlines do so all the time.

Four from 6 prices shows a limited quantity remaining.

The lowest ticket price is for $303.20, however, there is just one ticket left at this price.

This strategy can find a price-sensitive customer (most people) to create an impulse buying decision.

It produces a fear that if they do not buy it today, they'll end up spending more money afterwards.

Another way to do this is by conducting flash sales.

10. Accept different payment choices:

You need to give people different options to pay for the merchandise and services on your site.

If you merely accept Visa and MasterCard, you're alienating lots of possible customers.

Make sure you have the capability to accept debit cards in addition to credit cards.

Best Buy takes 6 distinct types of credit cards on their website.

They also give clients the option of paying through PayPal.

The very last thing you want is a customer who wants to make a buy but can't complete it as you do not take their primary payment method.

Proceed to adapt to the new tendencies too.

Alternative payment options such as Apple Pay are increasing in popularity too.

In case you've got a cell application, customers can easily pay for items through Apple Pay with just a couple clicks.

Making the checkout procedure as simple as possible will help you get more e-commerce earnings.

11. Focus on your value proposition:

What does the customer see when they access your website?

Is it your contact number?

Your company's mission statement?

Those aren't powerful.

Instead, place more emphasis on value.

Tell your clients what separates your merchandise from similar items on the market.


If sales have started to slow down or becoming stagnant, it's time to think of some creative and new ways to advertise products and services on your e-commerce site.

As opposed to attempting to find new clients, focus your advertising efforts in your existing customer base.

Make sure your website is protected so clients feel comfortable entering their personal information in addition to their credit card numbers.

If you're currently using customer testimonials, that is fantastic.

But if you would like to improve those reviews, add a photograph to them also.

Offering lots of promotions and advertisements during special days of the year, like the holidays, can assist you to improve sales.

Create a sense of urgency to lure customers to make an impulse buy.

Do not forget about cellular users. At the minimum, your website has to be optimized for mobile devices.

If you would like to go the extra mile, think about developing a mobile program.

Promote your top-selling items.

Produce a unique and actionable value proposition.

These tips will help you boost sales on your site.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me with any questions.


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