Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone Device - Expert Advice

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone Device - Expert Advice

Most of us gets confused when we decide to buy a new smartphone. As the number of smartphone users increases day by day, the number of affordable smartphones also increases in the market. 

There are two categories of buyers.

1. People who want to choose a phone in their limited budget

Buyers of this category can't get the best players in the industry with all the best features, but the best of those available in their budget range.

2. People who just don't care about budget and want to get the top-notch devices

High budget phones are always high end, moreover, comes with almost all the features. Here, the buyer must worry about which devices performs best.

As someone, who steps into the smartphone market to buy the perfect smartphone, I will recommend you consider these factors before buying one;

1. VoLTE Support: This feature is now expected by all users who are all ready to use 4G. Check for this feature or check whether this feature will be available to the phone in future.

2. Camera Performance: Don’t get attracted by Mega pixel size. Check out for the performance. For instance, Redmi note 3 camera is under average in performance.

3. RAM Size and Management: Even though most of the smartphone have 2GB or 6GB RAM nowadays, due to their "skin software" over android OS, it becomes a problem in managing RAM e.g RAM management problem in Redmi phones.

4. Battery Capacity and Backup Time: One of the most and undeniable feature that should be checked ever since the smartphone came to the world.

5. Display Protection: What type of protection is given to the display/screen should be checked.

6. Connectivity: What types of connectivity that phone supports such as, Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, IR blaster, 2G, 3G, 4G etc.

7. Software: Check for the software on which that phone is running. If it is old android or iOS, then you may lose a chance to use new features that is available in latest Software. So, choose a phone which runs on latest OS or can be upgraded to latest OS in future.

8. Internal Storage: Make sure that your phones internal storage is at least 16 GB for use without hanging. If it is lower than this, you may not be able to install applications after certain limit due to insufficient space.

9. Design: It may not be that much important. But it also adds some factors while judging the phone. Look for a design which gives premium look as well as sturdier.

10. Sim Type: sim type sometimes gives problems, if you did not look at it properly while ordering. Check out what type of sim  card can be used, how many sim be used simultaneously in the phone and connectivity supports for both sims.

11. SD Card Support: Nowadays, smartphone OEM gives more internal memory and gives hybrid slot which enables users to only use one sim + SD card or two sims. So, choose carefully according to your need.

12. Chipset: SoC (System On a Chip) in a smartphone is heart for that phone. So, check if the chipset can be supported for future software upgrades and other features inclusions.

These are important features to be look out for while searching for a smartphone, others are according to the users taste.

If your like photography then a phone with good camera and display is important for you.

If you like gaming then a phone with good processor and RAM is important for you.

If you love music then a phone with dual speaker is important for you.

Thanks for reading.
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