How to Make Your Smart Phone Battery Life Last Longer

How to Make Your Smart Phone Battery Life Last Longer

Battery life is still one of the topmost priority for smartphone users. Even though smartphone batteries are growing bigger with every passing year, we’re not seeing a great benefit because our Android devices are demanding more and more of battery usage as the applications are increasing rapidly with high resolution graphics and latest features but drains more battery.

The longevity of smartphone batteries seems to be the one thing that manufacturers just can’t get right, no matter how advanced technology becomes. The battery of a new phone may be great for the first few weeks after you get it, but then it starts to decline.

Here are some tricks you can try to get more juice from your iPhone and Android smartphone batteries;

1. Turn Down The Screen Brightness

This is obvious but worth mentioning. The display on Android phones is the biggest drain of battery, so it makes sense to turn it down as low as possible. This can add hours of life to the your battery.

2. Set Your Phone to Automatic Lock 

Most phones will stay lit for a specified amount of time after you’ve used it so don’t leave your screen to work unnecessarily. Change the settings on your phone so it either times out or locks itself after 30 seconds. Look for an option called ‘screen timeout’ on Android devices and ‘Auto-lock’ on iPhones – you can tweak the times on both to suit your needs.

3. Power Saving Mode

Most phones have a special mode that can be toggled on to stretch the longest time possible out of the battery. Power saving mode does this through a number of techniques such as turning off different radios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) among other things.

Power saving mode has a significant impact on system performance so you don't want to have it enabled all the time. Instead, turn it on when your battery level is dropping low and you'll have a while to get through the day. Some phones have a setting that lets you program a battery level, say 30 percent, to enable power saving mode automatically.

4. Turn Off Phone Vibration

Having the phone vibrate for calls and notifications is a big drain on the battery. As nice as it may be to have the ringer turned off and vibrate enabled, if you need to stretch the battery life on a busy day then turn off the vibration.

5. Turn Off Unused Radios

Android phones are chock full of radios, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Each of these radios hits the battery so it is prudent to turn them off when not being used.

6. No Haptic Feedback

Most Android phones have haptic feedback that gives a little vibration when keys are pressed on the keyboard and at certain other times. Just as vibrating when receiving a call takes a hit on the battery, so does haptic feedback.

If you don't absolutely need to have it, turn off the haptic feedback.

7. Reboot Once or Twice a Day

Android smartphones are handheld computers, and just like the bigger computers they can get lots of stuff going over time that hits the battery. It may not always have a positive affect on the battery, but it doesn't hurt to occasionally reboot the phone. It makes sure you start with a clean slate with as few apps running in the background as possible.

8. Turn Off Apps Notification

Almost all the internet related apps gives notification on and on. When there is anything new, they poll the network and it drains the battery. You'll have to go into each app to turn the notifications off because it's worth the effort. Two of the biggest offenders are Twitter and Facebook, so turn those app notifications off unless you can't live without them.

9. Avoid Using The Phone While Charging (the biggest mistake of all the time) 

Ever wonder why charging wires are too short? It’s because the manufacturers want to discourage the use of mobiles while charging. Using the mobiles while charging exhausts phone charge cycles and shortens battery life, and should be avoided whenever possible. A battery has only limited number of charge cycles after which the battery must be replaced.

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